Craft N Cut Software Page 3

CNC Fundamentals 6
Craft-N-Cut Fundamentals 6 All about using the Layers Panel: Selecting, collapse, expand, view and hide layers, move, lock, copy, paste and filtering.

CNC Fundamentals 7
Craft-N-Cut Fundamental 7 Colors: Color chart selection, selecting a color, searching for color by name, applying a color to selected object and add colors to design color.

Craft-N-Cut Webinar: The Heat Is On September 2016
Click here to download a pdf of this webinar

Craft-N-Cut: Creating Applique Cut Files
Use Craft-N-Cut software with machine embroidery to create applique cut files. Hope Yoder shows you how easy it is using Craft-N-Cut software.

Craft-N-Cut Fundamentals 4
Opening designs, Measuring with ruler, Turn on/off 3D view, Import artwork, Load backdrop, Trace backdrop, Print Settings

Craft-N-Cut Fundamentals 5
Saving files, Save2Cut, Exporting artwork, Exporting images, Cut Preview tool