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English Cotton Netting White 1/2 Yard

English Cotton Netting (white)English Cotton Netting
Cotton Bobbinet

Contents: 100% cotton
Width: 40/42'' wide
Price:  $18.95 per half yard

White cotton bobbinet fabric is the foundation for all of my Heirloom Embellishments Embroidery Collections. Traditionally used in Europe by the top fashion designers for lingerie and couture fashions. This sheer soft drapy fabric will be one of your favorites. Use it for machine embroidery, creating all-over lace motifs, creating "raw edge ruffles" for embellishment trims and in children's or ladies heirloom garments.

Fabric Care:  Please note this fabric is created on hand looms and tends to shrink several inches. Before using, dip in HOT water and wring out the excess water. Dip in straight liquid starch and wring out excess starch. Hang to dry and iron flat while there is still some moisture left.

English Cotton Netting ~ Fabric shrinks @ 6” in width. Dip in hot water, wring out excess water and dunk in straight liquid starch. Fill a bowl with just enough starch to cover fabric. Swish around and wring out excess starch. Place netting on an open bath towel and roll up and squeeze out excess moisture. Let air dry until 80% of the moisture is gone and iron dry. Netting is perfectly stabilized and ready to use with Hope’s Heirloom Embellishment embroidery designs. 

 Sold in 1/2 yard increments ~  $18.95 per  half yard

English Cotton Netting White 1/2 Yard
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English Cotton Netting White 1/2 Yard
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