Commercial License Certificate

If you purchased an embroidery collection from your local dealer and wish to use the designs on items you sell, give us a call to purchase an optional commercial license.

Use one embroidery CD collection to create up to 1,000 of your own product for re-sell.
$95.00 one-time fee plus price of CD.

Designs by Hope Yoder, Inc. offers a commercial license program making it sew easy and sew affordable for you to go into business TODAY!!! It’s simple; if you purchased an embroidery collection, you can purchase commercial license for a one-time fee of $95.00 (per CD) and we mail you a "Commercial License" certificate entitling you to use the embroidery collection endlessly to create your own products for re-sell using our designs.

You must purchase a license for each CD you own. Does not include mass production.

Call our office today to purchase your Commercial License Certificate at (941) 378-5019